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GPA & POWERLUBE RETAIL PT. Global Gemilang Sukses Terlengkap

Rev up your automotive performance with our premium High-Quality Engine, Gear, and Transmission Oil products. Designed to be the driving force behind your vehicle's peak performance, these lubricants are your ultimate solution for power, protection, and precision.


Our Engine Oil is engineered for excellence, delivering unparalleled wear protection, thermal stability, and resistance to oxidation. Whether you're cruising on the highway or pushing your vehicle to the limit, it ensures your engine operates at its best, minimizing friction and extending its life.


Our Gear Oil is the unsung hero, guaranteeing smooth gear transitions and optimal efficiency, even in the most demanding conditions. It offers exceptional wear protection and thermal resistance, making it an essential companion for the transmission systems of your vehicle.


Lastly, our Transmission Oil is the key to flawless gear shifts, reduced friction, and top-notch transmission protection, ensuring your vehicle operates at its highest potential.


Each product is carefully crafted, blending cutting-edge additives to meet and surpass industry standards. Elevate your driving experience with our High-Quality Engine, Gear, and Transmission Oil products, and unleash the full potential of your automotive pride and joy.

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